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Leverage GipseePlatform® to manage your entire menu lifecycle. Upload, organize, analyze and version complex recipes, ingredients & menu builds. Rollout menus to one location, one or more regions, or nationally from a single user-friendly interface.

Analyze menus for allergens and calculate nutritional values in real-time using our guest facing mobile apps, or using GipseeConnect® API. Use our Vendor (supplier) portal to import and manage products/ingredients from your suppliers. Run menu reports and rich analytics on diner behavior, including their dietary preferences.

We offer the best Interactive Allergen & Nutrition Calculator in the industry where your guests can select their restrictions & preferences and instantly see what they can eat, share their favourite meals and place and on-line order!

An end-to-end one-stop fully-integrated system!

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Increase revenue from the get-go
No Setup fee! FREE On-boarding
On-boarding in as little as one week. We can help you setup your data, or you can do it yourself
Pay by user-hits or when you get an order!
Improve diner experience
Causes long term brand affinity and loyalty. Improve goodwill and branding

If you are a restaurant brand with more than 200 locations, contact us for our enterprise package!


Gipsee Connect® API
RESTFul API for real-time integration
Menu Management
Allergen & Nutrition Solutions
Supplier Ingredient Management
Product import workflow
POS Integration
On-line ordering and POS integration
Reporting & Analytics
Rich analytics & menu/ingredient reporting
3rd party Integration
Integrate to your On-line ordering and Loyalty program


Allergen & Nutrition Customizer
Empower your diners to personalize menus based on their lifestyle preferences, dietary restrictions & food allergies

The ONLY on-line ordering app that allows personalized ordering based on dietary restrictions or preferences

Designed to match your restaurant's branding
Automatically get showcased on our location-based Menu Personalizer app - a collection of thousands of restaurant locations. Attract new diners to your restaurant.


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GipseeConnect® API

Use Gipsee's API (Application Programmers Interface) for real-time ingredient based analysis for food allergies & nutrition. The API provides you a secured and simple interface to your existing on-line ordering application, POS system, loyalty program, catering system, MDM and any 3rd party platform.

GipseeConnect® API delivers real-time results instantly, so you can display the allergen and nutrition information in your existing applications with confidence.

Easy to integrate, scalable and a perfect fit for:

  • Restaurant POS integration
  • On-line ordering system integration to display menu nutrition & ingredient information
  • Integrated solutions partners (ISP) for in-store menu display or table-top tablet menu solutions
  • Integration to restaurant MDM and loyalty program
  • Integration to menu print vendors and on-premisis Nutrition Guides

FDA Menu Labelling law took effect in May 2018. It mandates every restaurant with 20 or more locations to display nutrition information at the time of ordering a meal. This law also applies to all in-house and 3rd party on-line ordering apps. So contact us and we can help you address this legal requirement.

Supplier Product Import Workflow

The Gipsee Supplier Ingredient/Product import solution is unique from the perspective of providing a holistic solution that stretches from the point of obtaining supplier information to ingredient analysis, storage, and reporting of such information to public display. Mass import supplier information into the Gipsee system using the API or a batch upload.

It comes with a Product Alert System (PAS) that allows powerful communication capability between suppliers and the restaurant back-office management.

POS Integration

Gipsee interfaces with your existing POS (Point of Sale) systems to deliver an order generated through Gipsee's guest-facing application. Gipsee integrates with the following POS systems (requires integration)


Gipsee interfaces directly with the following credit card processors. Money from on-line orders directly get deposited into your bank account giving you peace of mind & simplifying reconciliation

If you use a different payment gateway we can integrate with them as well.

Reporting & Analytics

Gipsee offers extensive reporting on ingredients, menus, nutrition and allergens. Get analytics on diner behavior and their dietary & lifestyle preferences.

3rd party Integration

Easily integrate with your existing on-line ordering vendor to introduce personalized dining options based on your dietary restrictions and preferences.

Typical scenario:

  • Diner selects restrictions & preferences from your existing on-line ordering application
  • Your application uses GipseeConnect® API to pass restrictions & preferences over to Gipsee system in real-time
  • Gipsee system analyzes your restaurant menus and instantly returns back filtered menus and substitutable options based on diner's restrictions and preferences
  • Your existing on-line ordering app displays filtered menus and substitutable options for a personalized diner experience and order fulfilment

Gipsee's Allergen & Nutrition Customizer easily integrates with your existing Loyalty Program to provide preference based analytics for promotional marketing.

The Gipsee Team

CEO & Co-Founder: Dilip Chopra   linkedin

Dilip has extensive expertise in the area of food allergies, nutrition, and food-ingredient analysis. He is a serial entrepreneur with many years of experience in conceptualizing and building innovative technologies in the Natural and Organic foods industry. He has always had an intriguing affinity about all food matters as they relate to health and well-being.

He has experienced food allergies ‘first-hand’ stemming from his daughter’s multiple food restrictions and the difficulties of dining out at public places with dietary restrictions and preferences.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and a Master’s degree (MBA) in Finance from the University of Connecticut.

Wendy Hess MS, RD  

Wendy Hess is a registered dietitian who specializes in recipe nutrient analysis. Wendy has been providing recipe nutrient analysis services to clients of all shapes and sizes for over 20 years and earned a Master of Science degree in Food Regulation from Northeastern University. Wendy Hess, MS, RD is a registered dietitian who specializes in recipe nutrient analysis. Wendy has been providing recipe nutrient analysis services to clients of all shapes and sizes for over 20 years and earned a Master of Science degree in Food Regulation from Northeastern University.

In addition to calculating nutrition values of recipes, Wendy is well-versed in food labelling regulations which allows her to generate FDA compliant Nutrition Facts Panels, provide counsel on nutrient & health claims, and provide allergen and ingredient statements. Before she began her recipe analysis practice, Wendy provided medical nutrition therapy in a clinical setting.

Wendy is a member of the Vermont Speciality Foods Association, the Massachusetts Speciality Foods Association and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.. She is a key content contributor of the book Recipe Nutrient Analysis: Best Practices for Calculation and Chemical Analysis.

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