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Single Platform

The Gipsee Cloud

Gipsee's secured and trusted single-platform is your source of all menu and nutrition data. Use the tools provided to import, store, organize and manage all menus, ingredients, nutrition, location and product data. 24x7 portal dashboard is always available which provides your team full control. Manage full life-cycle of a menu from inception to go-live.

A single interface provides you easy access to menu builds, ingredients, spec sheets, audit reports, nutrition & allergen information and product costs.

GipseePlatform has interface to import from Genesis Software and other sources for automated data ingestion. We also have automated system to ingest data via file upload or e-mail.

Whether it's a big change or small, GipseePlatform can instantly publish your information everywhere that matters. Moreover, you have the flexibility to be hands-on or hands-off.