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Nutritional Analysis

Our nutrition solutions extend beyond our Calculator

Recipe Nutrient Analysis and Menu Labeling Compliance capabilities are a big part of our suite of services to create an all-in-one seamless solution for your nutrition needs.

Recipe Nutrient Analysis: Our recipe analysis experts have decades of experience analyzing recipes and are ready to assist you in this task. We prioritize accuracy and focus on making it a seamless, easy process for you. We’ll start by identifying the scope of work and agreeing to a work plan.

We’ll talk you through what information you need to provide—and how—and we’ll take it from there.

FDA Menu Labeling Compliance law is already in effect since May 7th 2018). It mandates every restaurant with 20 or more locations to display nutrition information at all ordering points. Contact us and we can help you address this requirement.

Get more info on FDA Menu Labeling law of May 2018