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Combined Nutrition & Allergen Customizer

Providing nutrition information is no longer an option in the foodservice business

Health trends and consumer demand have made it essential for restaurants to provide nutritional information about menu items. In today's high-tech world, your customers expect interactive information in place of static pdf formats. Our Interactive Nutrition & Allergen Customizer is designed to offer on-demand customized information to cater to your diners varying needs and preferences. 

Our dynamic, digital application enables complete personalization of meals for your diners

Customization is king in today’s marketplace! It’s not just about the food you offer, but also about the information you provide about the food. Our Interactive Nutrition & Allergen Customizer allow your diners to find choices that suit their lifestyle by accessing the nutrient and allergen impact of each component of their meal. It sends a message to your diners that you understand their needs.