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We can power your Allergen and Nutrition capabilities from behind-the-scene

Use Gipsee's API (Application Programmers Interface) for real-time ingredient based analysis for food allergies & nutrition. The API provides you a secured and simple interface to your existing on-line ordering application, POS system, loyalty program, catering system, MDM and any 3rd party platform.

Our API delivers real-time results instantly, so you can display the allergen and nutrition information in your existing applications with confidence.

FDA Menu Labeling law took effect in May 2018. It mandates every restaurant with 20 or more locations to display nutrition information at the time of ordering a meal. This law also applies to all in-house and 3rd party on-line ordering apps. So contact us and we can help you address this legal requirement.

Refer to the FDA Menu Labeling law of May 2018